• Pre-surgical blood work consists of a CBC, which will check blood cells, and a blood chemistry panel, which will check blood glucose, kidney and liver enzymes.

    The cost of this testing is $137.50.
  • DENTALS: I have been informed that examinations under anesthesia often reveal abnormally loose teeth that fall out or should be extracted to prevent oral discomfort and ongoing infection of surrounding jaw. I also have been informed that the loss or removal of one or more unhealthy canine teeth occasionally allows for an awkward protrusion of the tongue on one side or the other. Please note that we do not perform dental X-rays at this facility.

  • Microchipping your cat involves inserting a tiny rice-like microchip under your cat’s skin. This chip then holds your cat’s identity for life and also allows us to check his/her temperature via scanning, versus rectally with a thermometer. If your cat is ever lost and a local shelter or veterinary practice finds it, the law requires that all cats be scanned for a microchip before they are adopted out or euthanized. The cost for this procedure is $54.50.