The Allentown Cat Clinic CEO’s, Squirrel and Moose, along with their friends Rodney and Radek (Dr. Paul’s cats) have picked their 5 favorite Christmas gifts. Every cat will want these toys under the tree (or the tree itself….lol)!

Toy # 5 is a bag of springs. They roll, they are easy to carry and they come with several to a bag. They fit nicely under furniture which we all know is the favorite place for storage. They can interact with their favorite human by watching them fetch their toys.

Toy # 4 is Da Bird from Go Cat. Da Bird is a feather toy on a pole. When their human makes Da Bird fly, it makes sounds like birds flying. Radek will sit on Da Bird and stare at Dr. Paul until she makes it fly.

Toy # 3 is the Funky Pheasant from Pet Craft. This is a nip stuffed fake bird with feathers. They can stalk it, pounce on it and kill it. Once they officially kill the bird, it is cheap enough that their human can by them another. Moose and Squirrel like to toss this bird all over the office.

Toy # 2 is the Yeowww catnip toys. These toys contain the most potent catnip on earth!!! Rodney and Radek still play with the pumpkin and fish from the original batch 12 years ago. Squirrel occasionally steals one from the sale display to add to his collection.

Cat Christmas GiftsSaving the best for last is toy # 1 on the list of favorite gifts for your cat. Can you possibly guess what it is???? It is the box that the toys come in!!!! Who needs to spend money for some of the best gifts. Squirrel, Moose, Rodney, and Radek checked out many other toys. The more the toy cost, the less likely they were to play with it. Typical cats!

Happy shopping!!! And Happy Holidays to all!!!