Moose is the handsome boy of the building. In July 2007, he took a rather long, scary ride from somewhere in the Carbon County area to the church next door to us… in the engine compartment of a car! The owner of that car brought him to us.

He immediately claimed Dr. Paul for his very own! Although he would love to spend his entire day on her lap, he’s only allotted time when Dr. Paul gets a well deserved lunch break.

The rest of his day is spent hamming it up for the camera!

Whether lounging in the sink or getting into mischief perched high atop the blinds, he’s sure to be purring the whole day through!


Henry was adopted as our CEO in July of 2021. He came in for a wellness check only to find he was a stray looking for a forever home. Well, the rest is history!

This handsome fella is full of love! He shows it with lots of drool and cuddles!


Gertie is Queen of the castle! She was in need of a home and the entire team fell in love instantly! She joined our team of CEO’s in April of 2022 and quickly took charge! She spends her free time playing in the trash, sleeping in boxes, hoping birds and squirrels will show up on the computers and begging for food!