Pat has been at the Cat Clinic since 1986! Although a licensed veterinary technician, Pat opted to ‘retire’ to bookkeeping after the birth of her daughters.

One of her favorite duties, is to make sure the clinic’s ‘CEOs’ are supplied with tasty snacks on a daily basis.

Pat lives in Allentown with her 4 cats and newest addition, Louie, a Beagle mix. When not at work, Pat enjoys riding and hanging out at the barn with Baron, her very handsome Thoroughbred, or being a ‘horse-show mom’ for her two daughters.


Practice Manager

Celeste has been an employee since March of 2001. She recently has accepted the role of Practice Manager after heading our technical staff for many years.

Living locally with her husband and son, she has two cats and three dogs to round out her family at home. Celeste enjoys spending any free time she has with her grandson or simply relaxing and watching something good on TV.



Sarah is a 2005 graduate of LCCC’s Veterinary Technician program. After obtaining her licensure the same year, she started her dream career… working with the animals she loves.

She has worked with many species: from wildlife and pet birds, to horses and cattle. She loves them all! She currently resides with her loving husband and son and their furry and feathered kids in Mertztown, PA



April and her husband, live locally with their beautiful daughter Lacey and adorable son Owen. Three stunning cats, Minion, Jester and Scarlet round out her family. She loves them all and wouldn’t trade them for the world. April enjoys taking in a show on TV or participating in karaoke with friends. Thanks to her son and daughter, she excels in all of the Disney theme songs!


Doctor’s Assistant/Receptionist

Paige came to us in January of 2016. She has a strong passion and love for cats and all things cat related! Shocking…..I know 😉 She has two kitties of her own, Foofy and Monster. She enjoys camping, hiking and going on adventures. She is a great part of our cat family!


Doctor’s Assistant

Melissa is the newest addition to our family. She is a proud mama to her son (Gage), daughter (Ema), and many furbabies. She absolutely enjoys the outdoors, camping and the beach. Melissa is a Girl Scout leader to a local troop for the past four years and a social advocate for the blind and visually impaired.



Lori has been with our practice for a year. She is a great addition to our family and her many years experience truly shows! She resides with her husband and adorable mixed breed pupper, Mia. She is a die hard Eagles fan and loves crafting in her spare time.


Doctor’s Assistant

Keely is our part time doctor’s assistant. She joined us in December of 2017 and fit right into our family. She resides with her boyfriend, adorable son, Mason and her two furbabies, Luke and Maize. She loves being outdoors and enjoys horseback riding in her spare time.



Megan is our full time technician. She joined our team in June of 2018 and fit in like she has been here for years. She loves spending her free time cuddling with her furkids, Kat and Mouse. Yes….you read that correctly…lol.